The 2nd Dalai Lama

By Christian Schmidt

1509_____The 2nd Dalai Lama sees a vision in which he is instructed to build Tschökhorgyel Monastery on the lake of Lhamö Lha-tso, 150 kilometres southeast of Lhasa. Seers in ages to come will read the reflections in the lake for clues to the reincarnation of successive Dalai Lamas. Tibet is undergoing a period of anarchy, and Gedün Gyatso’smoment of glory comes when he proves to be an able peacemaker and a skilled mediator between the warring factions. The leaders of the various principalities are locked in strife, and the land is so fragmented and weak that the Chinese are able to occupy Tibetan territory with scarcely any resistance. The various Buddhist orders, too, are possessed by the spirit of discord, and Gedün Gyatso is on the road incessantly, mediating and attempting to reunite his country both religiously and secularly. His partial success establishes the institution of the Dalai Lama and demonstrates its decisive significance for Tibet.

1542_____Gedün Gyatso abandons his mortal remains. He is able to predict the hour of his death and, when it comes, meets it with perfect equanimity. He is 67. He is posthumously granted the title of Dalai Lama.